Practk Palmat – Practical brush cleaner REVIEW

I have to say that this was my first collaboration since I start to write this blog. Totally unexpected, Practk Palmat cleaner come to me last week and I was surprised and happy. Package was so nice.

 Practk was found by people from Sigma Beauty, the market leader in patented brush care. The Palmat by Practk is a small but powerful tool that very fast and easily removes makeup buildup and bacteria from makeup brushes. Palmat is 2 in 1 brush cleaning tool that deep cleans makeup brushes to keep them just like new.

Palmat has three patented textures for small and large brushes, it is small and portable, fits in any makeup bag. It’s made from durable, high-grade silicone and has the most adorable color, pink to violet. You can wear it on palm, or place it in sink.

All these stuff is written in the brochure that was in my box, and everything is true. Palmat is really amazing, practical, easy to use tool. You can wear it on palm to quickly clean brushes and it is adjustable to fill all hand sizes. Also it fits left and right hands. Palmat is secure between fingers for maximum control.

For the first time I decided to put Palmat in the sink, and it was very good experience. My hands was totally free, so I easily cleaned all my brushes in no long time. It has suction cups on behind, to hold it firm trough vigorous cleaning. Here are some photos :

It is so simple and practical to clean your brushes with Palmat, I am happy to have it and use it. This amazing makeup tool cost 9.95$ and it is worth of it. You can see more or order it here .

Now all my brushes are clean and I cant wait to clean them again. <3<3<3

p.s.  I hope that I didn’t make too much mistakes writing in English, sorry if I did, it isn’t my native language. <3<3<3


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